S&S Swan


S&S-DESIGNED SWAN 41 FT  |  SKILLS: teak work, engineering, plumbing   |  PROJECT DURATION: 6 months 
Scotch Bonnet was launched in 1975. She was purchased by an Australian owner who wanted to refit the vessel before he took the yacht back to Australia. The existing teak was well worn and the caulking was beyond repair. Because the owner was keen on keeping the vessel original, the decision was made to remove the teak and replace it with 12mm teak. This was a difficult job due to the cabin top shapes of the S&S design. The deck was laid without fastenings giving it maximum life.

Other jobs on the vessel included updating of wiring systems, installation of a new hot water cylinder and improvement to the plumbing systems.

Additionally, before the yacht was brought into the shed she had a full bottom osmosis repair by Brin Wilson Boatbuilders parent company Osmosis Solutions.

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