SWAN 82 FT  |  SKILLS: teak deck, laminating, engineering   |  PROJECT DURATION: 6 months
DreamCatcher KM came into our yard in October 2010 for a large refit. The refit consisted of the removal of the boat from its keel for inspection of the keel bolts, and the removal of the rudder to inspect and service JP3 bearings.

The biggest part of the refit was the replacement of all the teak decks. Before this could happen we removed all the deck hardware. The old teak planking was removed back to the carbon laminate, and the decks were inspected for any issues before new 10mm teak was fitted. The teak was of the highest standard and each plank was handpicked to ensure it was of top quality. The teak was bedded down on epoxy glue with no fastenings, the seams were caulked with Sikaflex. All the detailing was kept as per the original layout with some minor alterations around the main sheet fitting. There were some minor structural repairs to the deck where some stress cracking had occurred. The boat was put back on its keel using a rubber toughened epoxy and glassed over with a glass laminate after the deck was replaced and the refit was completed in March 2011.

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