About us

Since 1952 Brin Wilson Boats has built more than 100 yachts and launches for both local and international clients.  We also specialise in refits and restoration projects and work closely with the insurance companies for insurance repairs and we have earned a reputation for our workmanship and quality.

Many satisfied owners have returned for their second or even their third refits, some of these projects are moored near our workshop and are available for inspection at Gulf Harbour Marina, which is located just 20 nautical miles north of Auckland City.

Brin Wilson Boats was brought by Nick Saull back in 2000, Nick started with the company back in 1985 as an apprentice for Bob and Richard Wilson and continued to run the company until he was tragically killed in 2016, the business is still owned and operated by Jan Saull  with the help of Bruce Dickie and the sons of the founder, Richard and Bob Wilson who still maintain an ongoing association with the company.  We currently have 14 staff whom a lot of them learned their trade as apprentices with the company are experienced in both fibreglass and composite construction, although timber including traditional construction techniques remains the company’s forte.

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