Roy Graves - Chill

Dear Jan, Bruce & Larne,

As you know , last year we started on a project to convert my Riviera 4000 from a convertible to a hard top. I want to thank you and your team  for the very successful conversion which , now finished , you can see in the photo below. At all times I was comfortable with the options you recommended and delighted with the outcome. We now have a boat that provides us with all the advantages we were looking for. The concern you showed regarding my requests and the skill you displayed in doing the work was absolutely first class. The workmanship and finish we now see in the finished boat has everyone commenting on how it has transformed the boat. So a very big thank you to all the team at Brin Wilson Boats from all the Chill crew.

Best regards,

November 2016 I contacted Brin Wilsons to price fitting my Vindex 350 out with Flexiteek on the Boarding Platform, Cockpit area, Galley and Head/Shower.

I found Dave and his staff very good/honest and professional to work with, the Quote came in and under what I had expected, so the go ahead was given.

A finish date was arranged and true to their word the job was done ready for my family to head away on our summer holiday.

We are loving the new floors and they are very easy to keep clean and I believe it has greatly added value to our boat.

I'm more than happy for any one considering Flexiteek to arrange with Brin Wilson's to view the job they did on my boat.

Paul Torckler


In late 2014 we engaged Osmosis Solutions to undertake the repair to our boat. Whilst never something you want to have to undertake as a boat owner but the team at Osmosis Solutions not only did a great job but also they ensured we were kept informed of progress, what they were doing and generally were incredibly easy to deal with. This made the process a lot easier for us and coming up to the yard to see for ourselves was never a problem. We were very impressed with the service and the work done.

Crazy Horse – Matt Cashmore

Being the owner of a 25 year old production boat you always have the dreaded “O” word in the back of your mind.  Through various owners our 1992 Beneteau Oceanis 370 had been meticulously maintained but the one thing no owner has full control of is the condition of the wetted areas of the hull.  In speaking with subject matter expert Mike Menzies, we began to understand that it was not a case of if our vessel would be struck by osmosis, but when.  The most obvious way we saw of protecting our asset was by proactively using Osmosis Solutions to replace our aging  Beneteau’s bottom with their exclusive epoxy vinylester and resin coating system. 

The job was done beautifully, with no surprises.  Tamise came out of the water on schedule, was wrapped in a plastic tent and the crew from Osmosis Solutions got stuck in.  The process ran smoothly and in no time she was being relaunched with a brand new bum. 

We recently decided to upgrade from a 37’ to a 47’ Beneteau and put Tamise on the market.  She flew through survey and sold in just two weeks.  The buyer loved the fact that while she was spotless inside and out, they also knew that Tamise had a brand new hull coating which was guaranteed for the remaining six of the seven years provided by Osmosis Solutions. 

For anyone wanting to protect their investment and ensure carefree boating, we cannot recommend Osmosis Solutions enough.


I’m delighted to be giving a testimonial for Brin Wilson Boats.

I am the 3rd Owner of Audacity a 13.7metre launch that was designed & built by Brin Wilson in 1995. When I bought the boat I also inherited the Brin Wilson Team with Bruce Dickie being my point of contact. They have looked after the boat ever since, from keeping an eye on it while I am away to organising & suggesting any repairs & maintenance that they believe is warranted. As a consequence I have a boat that is in mint condition and looks like new both internally & externally. Bruce in particular has guided me & helped organise any other contractors that are warranted & he has made sure that everything that is done is of the highest calibre.

I can only speak highly of their workmanship & the value for money that I have received over the past 12 years. If you are contemplating building a boat, wanting repairs & maintenance or reconditioning decks interior etc. I’m sure that you’ll be as impressed. I would recommend Brin Wilson Boat Builders to any Boatie  

Des Adams – Audacity

Osmosis in your Hull is not what you want to hear, although we knew we had some osmosis when we purchased the boat a year earlier we didn't know the extent of the repair. Our boat was built 1999 and in 2018 we lifted her and had Bruce inspect the hull and appraise the repair. A couple of cuts using a grinder confirmed water weeping from the suspect inspection sites. We opted for a complete repair rather than spot repairs as we wanted to keep the boat and don't want to revisit any future osmosis repairs. In our case this repair was about 10% of the total value of the boat (including Base-coat,  Antifouling and propspeed and haul/hardstand fee's).

We found Osmosis Solutions Honest, Reliable and Professional through-out the repair process. Time lines were adhered to and we were kept informed through-out the repair and in fact encouraged to check out the repair process as it evolved. To do this repair is quite a big undertaking, as the hull is essentially stripped back to the core and rebuilt, with planing strakes having to be rebuilt in the process. As you can imagine if you get this wrong it will have a detrimental effect on the vessels performance. We are very happy with the repair, the boat is performing as it should (we have about 170 engine hours since repair) and we have lifted and inspected the hull since the repair. We value the high quality materials and engineering practices employed in the repair process, and are quite sure the value of the vessel has been enhanced because of it. 

Gary Shuker (Carver 450 Voyager)

I have been a customer of Brin Wilson’s since 2011. During this time I have experienced their capability in teak cabinetry work, mechanical installations of watermaker, generator set and stern thruster together with osmosis repairs and insurance repairs. Frankly, I have never been disappointed by their work, their service is first class, I will happily continue to use their services and recommend them to all.

Rob Friend – previous owner of Salute (55’ planning launch) and current owner of Lillian (60’ trawler style pleasure launch)

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