Hot Legs

VESSEL TYPE: Max Carter | 38 ft | PROJECT: full hull

2.5 mm of contaminated laminate was removed from Hot Legs hull before it was reinforced with new fiberglass and barrier coats.

Planing: The contaminated laminate has been removed and once dry, the hull will be ready for new laminate.

Laminate: The hull's strength has been increased with new laminate, and the first barrier has been added to ensure future osmosis is avoided.

Barrier: Our exclusive vinylester-based gel product, Thixo, is being applied to provide additional protection against future osmosis. The entire hull has been covered with Thixo and is ready for the second barrier coat, Micro. The hull is being prepared for fairing. 

Fairing: Barrier coats of Thixo and Micro have been applied and the hull will be professionally faired to restore shape. Once faired, Hot Legs will be hand-painted with epoxy primer before new antifouling, zincs and PropSpeed are applied.

Hot Legs Hot Legs Hot Legs Hot Legs Hot Legs Hot Legs Hot Legs Hot Legs
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