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Cabo Rico 41 FT  |  SKILLS: woodworking, electronics, plumbing, varnishing  |  PROJECT DURATION: 3 months

After eight years of cruising in the tropics, this 1981 vessel requested a complete custom fridge/freezer unit to increase the efficiency of the cool box storage while reducing compressor run time. The owner worked with Brin Wilson to design a custom cabinet with stainless steel lining and custom removable/adjustable shelves to maximize storage space. Four inches of closed-cell polyurethane pour-in foam was used as insulation around the fridge compartment, and six inches of insulation around the freezer. A custom counter surface and shelf were constructed by Brin Wilson using two-tone teak planking to match the extensive teak interior of this vessel.

The result: the fridge/freezer compressor now only runs 20-25% of the time (compared to 60-80%).



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