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Pathfinder under spinnaker

Brin Wilson's Pathfinder won the 1970 Sydney to Hobart race

Our History

Brin Wilson Boat Builders has a long and distinguished history spanning over half a century. For more than

twenty years, Brin Wilson dedicated himself to his passion - designing and building yachts, many of which

earned international acclaim whilst sailing, competing in, and winning races and regattas around the world.

In 1974, after Brin Wilson's death, his sons Bob and Richard took over the family business, continuing his

legacy of building, designing and repairing some of New Zealand's most notable timber boats.

Today, Brin Wilson Boat Builders is owned and operated by Nick Saull, a boatbuilder who began his

apprenticeship with the company in 1986. Nick works closely with Bob and Richard Wilson, who both

continue to be dedicated to one of the most enduring brands in New Zealand's boat building history.

The Brin Wilson Story



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